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Kontist Tax Service

Security in tax matters - with Germany's most modern tax advice for the self-employed. Make your life easier with our combination of tax professionals and the use of the Kontist App from Kontist GmbH (Premium Banking included).

2.148 €

Annual rate, payable in 12 monthly payments at EUR 179 each, plus VAT

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Tax declarations (business und private)
VAT returns (USt-VA)
Receipt Upload (mobile & web)
Profit&Loss Statement
Automatic tax savings
Financial Accounting
Included in monthly base price
Add Ons and Fees

The above-mentioned services of Kontist Steuerberatung are provided in cooperation with Kontist GmbH. Kontist Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH takes care of your tax return and bookkeeping, Kontist GmbH provides you with a business account..

Kontist Premium Banking included

Offered by Kontist GmbH


SEPA transfers and direct debits

Each customer has 10 free transactions every month. After that 0,15€ (+ VAT) per transaction will be charged.


Apple Pay & Google Pay

It's fast, contactless and easy. Pay with your smartphone using Apple Pay or Google Pay.


Visa Business Debit Card

Zahle bequem und weltweit mit deiner Visa Karte, herausgegeben von unserem vertrauten Banking-Partner Solaris.


Real-time tax estimation

For each transaction, Kontist calculates the income and sales tax due and automatically sets aside these reserves in virtual sub-accounts.


Overdraft Credit

Apply for an overdraft between €500 and €5,000 with just a few clicks, directly from your Kontist App.


CSV Export & Statement

Export your transactions for any period as a CSV file. A PDF statement is available for download each month.

All banking services are provided bySolaris

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